Outstanding service with a clean and relaxing setting. The perfect place for a massage.


 - Andrew Radespiel 

5 months ago 


Fantastic experience. Customized massage available, courteous staff/customer service and you must try Bill! He is absolutely the best! Wonderful demeanor and just sweet as pie! Expert massage therapist


-- Ella Events 

6 Months ago


I love going to The Botanical Spa & Salon! I feel like I'm on vacation - every time! I took my mom there this summer and she loved it too. She's now hooked on facials :-) I'd recommend them to anyone. Looking to get away for a day or even an hour or so? Then the Botanical Spa & Salon at 302 Broadway in Hillsdale, NJ the key… you will totally feel like you're on vacation! Love it!!


-- Terri S. 

1 year ago